The Science of Self Control

February 11, 2016 Affective LeadershipAssociation InsightsCustomer ServiceEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive DevianceSocial SmartsSpirit at WorkTopicsTraining  No comments


Imagine a team not controlled by controversy, stressed by situations or distracted by discontent.  

1-We are all overwhelmed by too much to do and too little time to think but what if being aware of why we think the way we think could change all that?

2-What if understanding our chemistry could truly set-us-free?  Free from anger, resentment, guilt, and shame.  Free from manipulation, indignation and utter stagnation.

3-What would it be like to work in an environment free of fear...

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Managing Malignancies

May 26, 2015 Affective LeadershipCustomer ServiceEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive DevianceSocial SmartsSpirit at WorkTopicsTraining  No comments


The story is true, the setting is healthcare but the emotional intelligence, communication expertise and service delivery systems can (and should) be lessons for anyone.  

I appreciate the kind concerns that have been expressed by so many but the purpose of this article is to provide a platform for evaluating your own service delivery systems.  Real Lessons, Real Science, Real Solutions.  It is easy to talk in the abstract...

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Multitasking’s Pygmalion Payback

March 5, 2015 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive DevianceTraining  No comments

look busy it's the boss

Multitasking not only undermines our output by half and increases errors by 50% it also establishes an enduring expectation of frustration.  Once employees are acclimated to the idea that the “appearance of being overloaded is expected” then we are well attuned to finding our place in the pack.   We quickly adapt to “our part”. It is a part our primitive predecessors  perfected* we do as others do and soon believe as others believe...

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Onboarding-Weigh the Anchors for EVERYONE

February 28, 2015 Affective LeadershipAssociation InsightsEmotional Intelligence


2015 has been a year of new beginnings a chance to leave behind missteps of the past and start fresh.  As we have come to know our new clients we realize that the greatest challenge, at least initially, would not be what lies ahead, but what is dragged behind. 

If you are in the position of replacing a departing team member your new addition will not only have to be equipped to do their job but they will also carry the weight of preconceptions left over from the person they are replacing...

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The Most Dangerous Storms

February 28, 2015 Affective LeadershipAstonishing ServiceCustomer ServiceEmotional IntelligenceTraining

Brain Storms

Despite all that I have done to learn the skills to improve my “Emotional Intelligence” my primitive chemistry doesn’t always want to stay in the cage where it belongs.  This is true for all of us to some extent and is part of our evolution as a species.  The limbic system which floods our bodies with Cortisol when confronted with a perceived threat responds in two hundredths of a second, while our thinking prefrontal cortex may take as long as two full seconds to respond.

  If we are bein...

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