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Real Solutions Keynote

January 30, 2015 Emotional IntelligenceKeynote KeysTopicsTrainingVideo Samples  No comments

What would be the best keynote you could imagine?

Would the event include?

1-Targeted for take home value through detailed diagnostic research.

2-Authenticated by current case studies from world-class leaders.

3-Include the latest research in Emotional Intelligence and Neuropsychology.

4-Illustrated with irresistible characters

5-Packed with engaging real life stories

6-Wrapped in a package of side-splitting laughter

7-Reinforced through community, articles and visual reminders


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How a “bland” balloon lifts us all

September 11, 2014 Emotional IntelligenceKeynote KeysSpirit at WorkVideo Samples  No comments


Today is the 13th anniversary of the most horrific international experience many of us have ever experienced and professionally a challenge I hope never to repeat. Friday September 5, 2014 was my third opportunity to provide the opening keynote for the Idaho Housing and Finance Association’s Annual Employee Appreciation day. This year could not have been more perfect but thirteen years ago it was an entirely different story.

Our first event was scheduled to begin just moments after the second ...

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What makes a CSP giveaway keynotes?

May 19, 2014 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligenceGreen SolutionsKeynote KeysPeer Powered PerformancePositive DevianceVideo Samples  No comments

Free Inspirational CSP Keynote

It could be because I am not particularly good at this but if you read any of my mountain of testimonials you know that is not true.  The CSP designation is not easy to attain.  For those new to the acronym CSP stands for Certified Speaking Professional.  It is the only earned by 10% of Global Speakers Federation members worldwide.*

So the question remains; Why would anyone who is skilled and determined enough to earn this designation want to give away his keynote presentations?  

The chang...

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Have your meetings lost their “Muchness”?

March 24, 2014 Affective LeadershipAssociation InsightsEmotional IntelligenceVideo Samples

Have your meetings lost their muchness

If you would like your next event to be even more Wonder-Full? Take a few tips from Wonderland. Being a meeting planner or educator requires wearing the hats of author, illustrator, screen writer, director and actor to create experiences that both educate and entertain.

The most important outcome of any event is not in information shared, revenue generated or goals exceeded, but in the lasting stories we create.

Meaningful change is not the result of a single exposure to new ideas regardless of...

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EQ lessons from a Malignant Melanoma

January 31, 2013 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePositive DevianceSpirit at WorkVideo Samples  No comments

MSTI seemed like a nice cheerful name, like a day at the ocean, until you remember the “T” stands for tumor.  Now I am feeling more like Clint Eastwood’s character in “Play Misty for Me”.  The all too real part is I am waiting to learn just how carved up I am going to be.  We had just checked in for our first appointment with Dr.Lung.  I was thumbing through magazines trying to appear unconcerned, and Patty had wandered into the outer lobby...

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