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Why Change Pyramid

The days of top down “Anything” are over.  The choice for everyone is evolution or extinction and those with the best ideas for improvement are closest to the customer.  Those on the leading edge of of the customer interaction are the only ones who experience the disconnections.   “Being There” is the key to improving care. 

Whether you are a struggling start-up, heritage hierarchy or as ginormous as Google everyone deserves an opportunity to “tweak the tension”.  Imperfections are inevitable and the need for continuous improvement is undeniable. 

Leadership is no longer a role endowed by the institution but earned by contribution.  Encouraging leadership at all levels does not require as much additional instruction as it does demand less obstinate obstruction.  To maintain health, whether you are a single cell, or a workplace from hell you need a permeable “mind-frame”.   Just putting the “good stuff” in is of little value if you don’t create an environment where it is safe to let the bad stuff out.

i.e.  Our niece is the top of her class veterinarian.  She is working nights partly because she is new but primarily because she has the ability to manage six simultaneous emergencies without assistance.  She loves her job, the pets, their owners, coworkers but (and I may be exaggerating a bit here) she is not sure if she has actually met the practice manager.

C-Inc. Wouldn’t you want to keep, include, engage and even learn from someone who has both the ideas and audacity to do what the average consider impossible?  But instead of improving antiquated ideas about inclusion they will most likely hire someone better at taking orders.  The C- crowd are easier to control.  If C- is what you strive for imagine adding it to your signage. 

 Inspired by Develop the Leaders You’ve Been Overlooking



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