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Patty Morgan heads up the client and diagnostic services teams. She has served as the Executive Director of the International Travel and Tourism Research Association and is currently under contract with the California Resource Recovery Association and the Idaho Fire Chiefs Association.

International Travel and Tourism Research Association

The Travel and Tourism Research AssociationIn 1999 we started our first nonprofit adventure managing the International Travel and Tourism Research Association. While serving members in 44 countries around the world we increased overall membership by almost 200% and added $300,000 to their nonprofit reserves.


California Resource Recovery Association

California Resource Recovery AssociationIn 2009 we joined the management team for the California Resource Recovery Association, where in 2012 our innovations to the member service and conference management systems have nearly doubled membership in the last 10 months while increasing net profit per conference attendee by over 250% in just three years.

Idaho Fire Chief’s Association, Inc

Idaho Fire Chiefs AssociationIn 2015 Red Shoe Solutions LLC was selected by Idaho Fire Chief’s Association, Inc. to manage their nonprofit. This is our first opportunity to work for a cause and a team that were literally close to home. This is a group used to making decisions , delegating authority, accepting responsibility and taking action to make a difference.


During this process we also launched Red Shoe Solutions LLC Keynote Speaking, Training and Consulting business. I earned the designation of CSP, Certified Speaking Professional, in my first five years of full-time speaking, a designation earned by only the top 10% of Global Speakers Federation members worldwide.

Change the Buzz

Now 16 years later we have added another “Red Shoe” member to our team illustrator extraordinaire Shon Watkins. Together we The “Change the Buzz” characters were created in response to the realization that deep meaning-full and lasting transformation takes time. These insightful “Bee the Difference” characters are the foundation of our Peer Powered Performance system combining targeted education, Facebook-style collaboration, and real-time coaching all encapsulated in entertaining and insightful illustrations.

Contact Red Shoe Solutions

Contact Red Shoe Solutions

By creating virtual communities we are able to help members find the answers they need when they are ready to hear them in just exactly the way that need to hear them. The Peer Power system uses the power of positive community to convert the fear of change into the excitement for innovation.


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