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“We can be Inspired by Experts, Motivated by Managers
but we are Powered by our Peers”

It is the people who experience our same challenges, live with our same frustrations, are confined by the same limitations that show us what is really possible. We can ignore the advice of experts, mock our leaders, but we cannot escape the truth of seeing people just like us, who with the same resources just do better.

Leveraging Pre and Post training benefits increases learning effectiveness by 76%.

Source: Dr. Brent Peterson,  Columbia University

Peer Powered Performance™  is a practical system for engaging energy, creativity and resilience from every level of the organization. It is a process that brings out the best in value-adding team members while simultaneously dis-empowering those who, in the absence of transparent accountability, are allowed to bully and manipulate draining invaluable energy and resources. The Red Shoe Solutions role for our clients is to act as catalysts for stimulating help-full conversations.

Using simple “Facebook like” desktop and mobile collaboration tools we enlist the power of community to create cultures where everyone has the opportunity to:

  • Know the facts without censorship or spin
  • Be free to disagree without fear of retribution or recrimination
  • Learn from failure without being labeled a failure
  • Grow both personally and professionally
  • Interact and explore across boundaries
  • Be provided a process for initiating change
  • Challenge convention and seek counsel
  • Be treated with dignity in all dealings.

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    Peer Powered Performance™

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