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Managing Malignancies

May 26, 2015 Affective LeadershipCustomer ServiceEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive DevianceSocial SmartsSpirit at WorkTopicsTraining  No comments


The story is true, the setting is healthcare but the emotional intelligence, communication expertise and service delivery systems can (and should) be lessons for anyone.  

I appreciate the kind concerns that have been expressed by so many but the purpose of this article is to provide a platform for evaluating your own service delivery systems.  Real Lessons, Real Science, Real Solutions.  It is easy to talk in the abstract...

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Leading without Positional Power

February 26, 2014 Affective LeadershipDiagnosticsEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive Deviance

The Starfish and the Spider+Employees First

Leaderless organizations are everywhere.  If you don’t find ways to include everyone on your team, you may soon be the one sitting on the bench.

After reading a bio of one of my business heroes, Vineet Nayar I decided to read his favorite book The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations by Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom.   Vineet was the CEO of HCL Technologies at the time and has been recognized as one of the top business thinkers in the world today...

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Put asprin where?

January 31, 2013 Just 4 Laughs  No comments

I didn’t think my Dr. had much of a sense of humor

lab instuctions

but then I noticed the instructions posted online by his office for my “administration” of aspirin.

Now that’s not even funny and I know funny.


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EQ lessons from a Malignant Melanoma

January 31, 2013 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePositive DevianceSpirit at WorkVideo Samples  No comments

MSTI seemed like a nice cheerful name, like a day at the ocean, until you remember the “T” stands for tumor.  Now I am feeling more like Clint Eastwood’s character in “Play Misty for Me”.  The all too real part is I am waiting to learn just how carved up I am going to be.  We had just checked in for our first appointment with Dr.Lung.  I was thumbing through magazines trying to appear unconcerned, and Patty had wandered into the outer lobby...

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Lessons from the Emergency Room

December 19, 2012 Emotional Intelligence  No comments

Our  holiday weekend started out like most. The lawn was moved, cars washed, the deck washed for a family gathering in the afternoon. Then it hit. It sounded something akin to the primal roar of a wounded autopsy without blameanimal, followed by the telltale “splash” of someone’s innards being turned inside out. A rough experience for anyone, but particularly so for someone just a couple years short of his 90th birthday. My father in law – “The Hammer”.

This continued for close to an hour before we headed off to ...

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