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Energized by Inclusion

March 1, 2016 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive Deviance  No comments

Judge Hammer

Old school leaders aspire to the belief that
“he who holds the knowledge, holds the power

  The new paradigm is he who holds the knowledge,
and doesn’t share it, is probably guilty.

blank scoreboardWe would never consider a sporting event without goals, displaying confusing scoreboards or faceless time clocks.  Instead feedback is immediate, concise, compelling, and consistently understood by everyone both in the game and on the sidelines.

goal posts In contrast, many work environments are inundated with ambigui...

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Multitasking’s Pygmalion Payback

March 5, 2015 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive DevianceTraining  No comments

look busy it's the boss

Multitasking not only undermines our output by half and increases errors by 50% it also establishes an enduring expectation of frustration.  Once employees are acclimated to the idea that the “appearance of being overloaded is expected” then we are well attuned to finding our place in the pack.   We quickly adapt to “our part”. It is a part our primitive predecessors  perfected* we do as others do and soon believe as others believe...

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What is Peer Powered Performance?

November 13, 2014 Affective LeadershipAssociation InsightsEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive DevianceSpirit at Work  No comments

Peer Powered Performance

Many people have inquired as to the purpose of our new Peer Powered Performance™ LinkedIn group.  In short we wanted to create a place dedicated to those interested in exploring any combination of systems that help to establish:

  • All-inclusive

  • Non-coercive

  • Totally-transparent

  • Collaborative communities

Peer Powered Performance™ is based on the belief that organizations of all kinds, for-profit and non-profit alike are far more effective and innovative when they are designed for the be...

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Know less and Measure More

August 8, 2014 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePositive DevianceSpirit at Work  No comments

Forget the SAT

Google’s Golden Geese are not those with the highest GPA’s but proof again that purpose pays.  Known for their metric mastery Google uses their analytical expertise to separate the grain from chaff even in HR*.  Contrary to the brilliant founders expectations it is not intellect but autonomy that proves most predictive of high performance.  Combined with Dan Pink’s inclusion of Mastery and Purpose in the top three needs of outstanding individuals you have one more reason to read Malcolm G...

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Metrics Mitigate Misunderstanding

July 27, 2014 Affective LeadershipAssociation InsightsDiagnosticsEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive Deviance  No comments

The commonality in all the recent books I have been studying recently is their counter conventional use of metrics.  Most people are highly adept at finding “facts” to support their preconceptions. Each of these authors does the opposite. They don’t begin with conclusions but use data to dispel our illusions.  Sal Khan didn’t follow the crowd, he followed the facts growing a nonprofit educational academy from an idea to 10 million unique users each month.  

The Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman...

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