The Real Cost of Leadership Lost

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Leadership Lost

There have been a gazillion articles, studies, examples and illustrations but none seem to so succinctly cover a few of the more poignant priorities.  If I am to honestly take stock of my twenty plus years as a manager I was, based on today’s standards, particularly pathetic.  That is not to say that I was all that sharp at the time but my point is that we live in an entirely different culture.  Now that I have spent more time self employed as a consultant and keynote humorist the more I realize that before we can change what we do we need to let go of what we know.   It does not matter how or why we are where we are.  At one point we needed gills to breath.  Do you miss them?  How valuable would they be now?  We cannot continue to cling on to the past and grasp a new way of being in the future.

i.e. Do you know how and why the multiple choice question was developed?  Did you know that after the task the process was designed for was completed that the original developer fought ferociously to have it removed from our educational system as being absolutely and undeniably ineffective.  The facts showed that teaching to a multiple choice question was wrong almost a century ago and yet today is is more common in teaching than ever.**

We prefer comfort over creativity, predictability over progress and doing the wrong things well instead of the right things poorly.  Organizations that become obsessed with avoiding mistakes are soon repressed into irrelevance.   We need to develop a couple of new motto’s to direct our thinking.  I like these.

  • If you are not screwing up, you’re not really trying.

  • If I am screwing up. tell me to my face, now and let’s find a solution together.

  • If any member of a teams performance is counterproductive for the balance of the team address the issue as a team.

  • If you are in a meeting and don’t know why? Find the purpose or leave the meeting.




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