Three Legged Leadership

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Three Legged Leadership

The three-legged stool has been used for everything from a project management metaphor to the best-selling seat for milking cows.  Its utility lies in its ability to create stability on “uneven ground”.   It is for that “sure footedness” that this document was created.  We live in a time where the un-insured and the un-assured are equally vulnerable to debilitating dis-ease.  Consumer confidence is at an all-time low along with job satisfaction and employee engagement.

But what is the foundation of our discontent?  Is it the shaky economy that undermines our confidence, or is our shaky confidence undermining our economy?  Since our physical capacity to produce has not changed, the answer lies not in our ability but our mobility.  Fear produces stagnation and without movement everything dies.

Progress is the lifeblood of employee confidence, and a confident employee is nine times more likely to be engaged as an uncertain one.[i]

Three Legged Leadership is about re-instilling confidence in teams by reconnecting with the “stable ground” within ourselves.  Although this resource defines actions with and for others, its primary focus is you.  We cannot lead others until we first learn to lead ourselves.

We are not a reflection of our world;
our world is a reflection of us.

This publication is intended for anyone responsible for their own personal performance or the professional productivity of a team.  These are not the superficial “flavor of the month” ineffectual activities that waste time on symptoms while ignoring underlying causation.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of books published every year of “new things to do”, while un-doing the unconsciousness that causes our distress is largely ignored.

Inside these pages you will find practical, actionable ideas to fuel the conversations that create lasting transformations. We live in a culture that gorges itself on negative news and then complains of the “emotional indigestion”.  These action steps are designed to change lives by changing the dialogue we have with ourselves and others.  Affective organizations are not the result of powerful proclamations but continuous conversations.  I hope you will use this resource to stimulate conversations that both inspire minds and encourage hearts.

Table of Contents

  • Three Legged LeadershipWhat do you mean by “empowerment”?
  • Start from their perspective.
  • The dissolution of trust
  • Encourage outrageous disregard.
  • Putting who before what
  • Be prepared to be tested.
  • Accept 100% accountability.
  • Employees role in disengagement
  • Undoing the “habit of unhappiness”.
  • Creating desirable consequences.
  • When is thinking “not helpful”?

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