What is a 12 letter acronym for lowering productivity by 50% and IQ by 15 pts?

April 21, 2014 Emotional Intelligence  No comments

The Multi-Tasking Myth


I have shared this fact incessantly since John Medina’s Brain Rules was published five years ago but there are still those who think they are “The exceptions to the rule”.

Maybe this relevant research will finally convince a few that less is more.   This study compared the performance of those “multitasking masters” with their “less gifted” counterparts and found that THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE GOOD AT “TASK SHIFTING” ARE ACTUALLY WORSE suffering from PPA (just made that up) Perpetual Partial Attention.

So what? This is just part of the new normal right? It is if you want reduce performance by almost 30% which in global terms comes out to a mere $450 Billion annually.

For seven more productivity pointers to improving performance and increasing retention offered in research conducted by Cisco. 

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