What is Peer Powered Performance?

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Peer Powered Performance

Many people have inquired as to the purpose of our new Peer Powered Performance™ LinkedIn group

In short we wanted to create a place dedicated to those interested in exploring any combination of systems that help to establish:


  • All-inclusive

  • Non-coercive

  • Totally-transparent

  • Collaborative communities

Peer Powered Performance™ is based on the belief that organizations of all kinds, for-profit and non-profit alike are far more effective and innovative when they are designed for the betterment of ALL stakeholders.  Every member deserves the opportunity to:

  • Know the facts without censorship or spin

  • Be free to disagree without fear of retribution or recrimination

  • Learn from failure without being labeled a failure

  • Grow both personally and professionally

  • Interact and explore across boundaries

  • Be provided a process for initiating change

  • Challenge convention and seek counsel

  • Be treated with dignity in all dealings.

Average organizations (both for-profit and nonprofit) adhere to hierarchical systems of command and control based on half a century old Theory X assumptions:

  • Employees are inherently lazy

    • Will avoid work unless closely supervised

    • Show little ambition without enticing incentives

    • Avoid responsibility

  • Leaders within this system manage through fear

  • Dictate direction

  • Feel entitled to obedience

  • Are intolerant of disagreement

  • Prefer closed doors to open inclusion

  • Include multiple layers of approval

  • View empowerment as an act of benevolence

  • Practice the antithesis of transparency

 If you are already:

  • Satisfied with your employee engagement

  • Exceptionally motivated by management

  • Overwhelmed with levels of innovation and accountability.

  • Attracting and retaining top talent.

  • Content with a culture of command and control

Peer Powered Performanceis NOT for you.

If on the other hand you are serious about:

  • Exploring alternatives to top down designs

  • Understanding the potential poison of positional power

  • Closing the gap between science fact and managerial mythology

  • Realizing the instant applicability of relevant research

  • Sharing best-in-class case studies

  • Understanding ROI of systems like ROWE™, Holacracy™, XLR8™, Employees First™ and all variations

  • Comparing technologies for collaboration and innovation

  • Including EQ education and creating personalized positions

  • Transforming exceptional employees to inspiring leaders.

  • Rediscovering the power of your unique authenticity.

  • Finding those small things that makes BIG differences.

  • Recognize spirit, purpose and autonomy are integral to peak performance

  • Believe that personal and professional growth are inseparably interrelated.

This Peer Powered Performance LinkedIn group may be EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

This group does not espouse one right way or any simplistic solutions.  Even the best, smartest, most beneficial changes are hard. Change takes time, attention and most importantly conversation. 

See what the members of Peer Powered Performance are sharing in their search for synchronicity in the architecture and ideology of a Peer Powered Organization. 

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