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Peer Powered Performance™ is a practical system for engaging energy, creativity and resilience from every level of the organization.  It is a process that brings out the best in value-adding team members while simultaneously disempowering those who, in the absence of transparent accountability, are allowed to bully and manipulate draining invaluable energy and resources.  The Red Shoe Solutions role for our clients is to act as catalysts for stimulating help-full conversations.  Using a collaborative tools we provide articlesvideo clips, audio podcasts and insightful illustrations.   Team members are encouraged to share resources, challenge preconceptions and practice new behaviors in a community that is transparent, supportive and above all doing it all together.

The Peer Powered Performance™ system provides a single resource where members from all levels of an organization can find encouragement, education and inspiration from world recognized leaders in Business, Neuropsychology and Spirit.

Each game changing idea is illustrated in personal cards and posters designed to stimulate the conversations that inspire lasting transformations.   Click the image at the bottom of this page to Join the conversation in our Peer Powered Performance LinkedIn Community.

Peer Power Primer Powered by Peers Anything is possible
generational Juxtaposition Balancing HR positive peer pull
 Solving Stress the Inside Solution  Managers role in status quo Seek Evolution not revolution
Myopic Blindness  The Attraction of Illustration  Science of Emotion
Bee Heroic  Insulted by Incivility Peer Pressure & poor perfromance
 pixar positive peer pressure Bill outrageous
googling leadership quick fix vs real results motivation is misleading
listening aftercare Transparency Builds Trust
coaching_community snapshots Red Chucks



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