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We would never consider a sporting event without goals, question marked scoreboards or faceless time clocks. Feedback is immediate, concise, compelling, and consistently understood by everyone both in the game and on the sidelines.

In contrast, many work environments are inundated with ambiguity. Personal preferences and built in biases endlessly redefine the “rules of the game”. Without clearly defined goals, most team members spend their working lives not intently engaged, but protectively dis-engaged.  This fast simple (free for the first five)

360⁰ survey replaces confusion with clarity providing anonymous input for more complete understanding.


The survey results are divided into four actionable aggregations

Goals and Implementation – The identification of short and long-range goals consistent with the organization’s definition of success; the ability to articulate those goals; the formulation of plans to achieve those goals; the follow-up necessary to see that the plans are carried out and the goals are achieved.

Leadership – Influencing, persuading, and inspiring employees by personal example to follow the course that will lead to the achievement of identified goals.

Human Relations – Sensitivity to the importance of positive interpersonal relationships, approachability, fairness, the recognition of others as individuals.

Supervision – The willingness to accept responsibility, the equitable exercise of authority, the necessary monitoring of the performance of others, the ability to criticize constructively, the effective use of material, equipment, and staff.

Vineet Nayar CEO of  HCLT named the “Number One Best Employer” in India by Hewitt Associates and Business Week posted his own 360° survey for all 50,000 employees and 3800 managers for review and comment creating a culture he described as one of reverse accountability.

Fortune Magazine has articulated his leadership style as “The World’s Most Modern Management” and the London Business School calls him “the leader of organizational Innovation”.

*additional surveys may be conducted for fee of $125 each

We suffer not because of what we don’t know. We suffer because of what we think we do.

This highly popular process has been validated in use for more than 50 years. This multisource feedback is prized for its comprehensive analysis and is estimated to be used in 90% of fortune 500 companies (Edwards & Ewen, 1996)

Just 45 questions long this tool is both fast and effective. Why use a top down approach to your evaluation process when you can gain the benefit of insights from all stakeholders.

360 Survey

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Sample questions

  1. Maintains a positive work environment

  2. Compliments others often and appropriately

  3. Reprimands others effectively and appropriately

  4. Is consistent in his/her behavior towards others

  5. Uses humor effectively

  6. Is open to new ideas

  7. Anticipates future needs and plans accordingly

  8. Works effectively with others to solve problems

  9. Makes the best use of personnel resources

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