Aligning Passion with Purpose

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We are ALL born with an inimitable set of gifts refined by parenting and honed by our unique experiences. It is our responsibility to find, and if not find, create our fit. Passion is NEVER something you discover outside yourself, but something we rediscover from within. We are born passionate, creative, enthusiastic it is only after we become as Juan Miguel Ruiz says in The Four Agreements, “Domesticated”, that we lose sight of our perfect alignment.

Aligning Passion with Purpose is fun, humorous and entertaining, but these are only tools to gently open minds to the opportunity for freedom. To be more inspired by possibilities than we are comforted by predictability. Imagine what it would be like to have the energy, curiosity, enthusiasm, and unflappability of a child. In our youth these were the gifts of innocence now they must become the skills of experience.

Aligning Passion with Purpose is about the most important work we will ever do, it is about rediscovering “Our Own Way”. We never want to be a better version of someone else, but the best version of ourselves.  True education is not learning what to think, but how to think. I use specific real life examples, not to encourage the replication of behaviors, but to demonstrate the underlying belief systems that drive the behaviors. Most training fails because they are designed change actions without first trying to change insights. We are upset only to the extent we are confused, we are angry only to the extent we do not understand.

The 21st century has been described as a time of  “Intellectual Capital” yet research has consistently shown that “Emotional Energy”is the greatest competitive advantage in a high-performing workforce.    Unfortunately in times of change these emotional juices are the first to go.  Tap the endless reservoirs of creativity and energy to be more effective and have more fun in the process.

 “If you don’t have an outlet for your true passion, it costs you six years of life.” 

Dr. Michael Roizen, Real Age

This training is for managers, future managers, or anyone who needs to manage their manager and covers issues like:

Creating a Culture of Heroes

The Power of Tribal Story Telling

Hiring Unreasonable People

Provide Unreasonable Training

Give Unreasonable Freedom

Take a wide “Systemic” view

Encourage Errors

Feed Their Need

Grow What’s Planted

Pull the Weeds

Prepare for Failure

Celebrate Success

Incorporate the Lessons

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