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What is your real competitive advantage?

When is it that people really make the difference? It is when the right people are being themselves. Unfortunately most people have been so conditioned to “fit in” they have forgotten who they were before they were taught to be someone else. We can never be the best version of someone else, only the best version of ourselves. Southwest Airlines napkins used to say, “The freedom to be yourself is the freedom to be your best”.

Stressed, Frustrated, Irritated, Aggravated

Many people wear their frustrations like badges of honor without realizing what they believe is being done to them they are actually doing to themselves.

The Famous Hot Dog Story

This is the story of our friend Rick Powers when he was still the Director of Food and Beverage at the Coeur d’Alene Resort. Rick’s Managerial Magic has now landed him an ownership opportunity with an organization that takes the best brands from across the country and transports the experience to a new locations. Rick has spent the last four years absorbing every aspect of Tadich Grill in San Francisco and will be opening up a new Tadich Grill on Pennsylvania Avenue late 2014. The lesson in this short three minute video is how Rick used the power of attention to transform a potentially dis-satisfactory dining experience for one table into an indelibly delightful lesson for an entire restaurant including the employees. It is an example of Daniel Goleman’s top priority for leaders which is to “Prime Good Felling in those they lead”.

Lessons from children, new couples and new employees

Whatever you look for you will find.  Whatever you find will continue

The Resist, Resent, Revenge cycle

Learn how to reframe your experiences from reistance to acceptance, appreciation and action.

You find what you look for?

These symbolic shades should sit on every desk in every office in every office in every planet.  They remind us that we don’t see reality, we interpret what we see and call it reality and that is different for everyone.  So if you are not finding what you are looking for, look to yourself for the answers.  Only you can change you and the great thing is that you are the only person that needs to change in your life to make you happy.

Proud Sponsor of Xanax

See how a simple business card changed conversations from fear and uncertainty to one of laughter, optimism and healing.  This is video is both a wonderful example and a sad reminder. It is the story of our good friend Bill Ferrence. Bill was the manager of the Boulder Dam Credit Union. Even after 30 years Bill refused to elevate himself to the title of CEO. He always saw himself as a servant to both his members and staff. Bill contracted bladder cancer which would be terrifying for anyone but Bill also had an absolute phobia of hospitals. This story tells how Bill, despite his dire diagnosis continued to love life and laugh every day. We miss him terribly but hope by sharing his stories that his life-lifting approach will encourage others to appreciate the moments we have and the people we meet. You can learn many more actionable ideas by simply searching his name at

 Malignant Melanoma

“We received the lab report this morning and you do have a level III melanoma. I am sorry to give you this news on a Friday afternoon, but I thought you should know as soon as possible, and you have an appointment Tuesday morning with Dr. Randall Burr – he is the best dermatologist in the state.” Now it was sinking in; melanoma plus appointment in two days equals serious.

It is “huntin” season in Montana, pack appropriately

This Montana compilation ranges from upgraded car rentals to tips for travel packing. And most important of all, don’t forget your sense of humor.

Four life changing agreements

I had heard of people with the bedside manner of a rattlesnake but I had never met one until this day.  My sixty-seven year old one-hundred-ten-pound-soaking-wet mom was in the hospital to have her lower back fused.  We spent the night before in the emergency room (the third night that week) holding her while crippling back spasms brought her to her knees, and everyone else to tears.

 Montana Dentists Marshmallows

This is a video montage from the closing event for the Montana Dental Association. The challenge was to see who could say “Don’t worry I’m a dental professional” with the most marshmallows in their mouth.

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