Why Bees?

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Bees were selected because “Bee-ing” is the key to all sustainable transformation.  Mahatma Gandhi did not say “do the change” he said “Be the change you seek in others”.  “Bee-coming” a more effective individual or organization does not Change the Buzzhappen overnight.  No consultant, no matter how skilled in their presentation or mastery of their topic, is going to create sustainable change in an hour, day or weekend retreat.

Lasting transformation within complex social systems requires that the group “Wants” to find the solutions within their own midst.  Externally driven solutions can create short term progress, but once the drivers are removed systems will quickly return to homeostasis.

bored-beeWe have all had life changing epiphanies drowned out by the realities of too much to do, too little time and ultimately too tired to care.  It is true that it easy for even the most poignant lessons to be “out of mind” when they are “out of sight”.


These “Bee the Difference™” Characters are used to illuminate key points during our live training events as well as providing lasting reminders.  Through posters, cards, pictures, wallpapers, articles and an endless variety of tangible reminders, we share insightful and entertaining images to encourage meaning-full conversations.  In the evolution of understanding, the written word is a mere pawn while pictures are king.



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