Path to Peak Performance

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Most organizations are exceptionally good at envisioning the future. Where we struggle is honestly assessing where we are now. It is painful to view our faults in the bright lights of honest feedback, but without knowing where we are starting how can we create any map to the future? Use this guide to help you decide the best “Red Shoe Solution” for your organization right now.
Keynotes energize while building trust

Retreats establish a common understanding while building relationships

Innovation Interventions flex our right brain creativity to reveal unexpected opportunities.

Peer Powered Performance adds architecture to understanding taking inclusiveness and innovation from aspiration to activation.

Peer Powered NonProfits combines our 16 years in nonprofit management with expertise from our zero waste clients to create sustainable systems start to finish.

Randy Morgan CSP Inspirational KeynoteMy evaluations consistently include comments about humor, but I am not a comedian. I use humor to break down barriers, build trust and open minds and hearts to learning. Significant learning requires change and people abhor change. I teach life changing lessons wrapped in a package of side-splitting laughter. Teaching the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills necessary for exceptional performance involves a great deal of fear. I consistently earn top of the scale marks for breaking down the barriers of complacency and miscommunication through the spirit and creativity of play.

Details: 1-Humor, 2-Trust, 3- Content, 4-Story, 5-Science, 6-ROI, 7-Experience, 8-Mastery,


Randy Morgan CSP Team Building Retreats“What we learn to do we learn by doing.”

Experiential events are an effective way to reinforce relationships within a team and to practice skills in a non-threatening environment. Skill sets typically include Listening, Planning, Full Participation, Mutual Support, Cooperation, Communication, Roles, Goals and Dialoging.    Events use the “Power of Play” to break down barriers, erase differences and rebuild relationships. Activities remind participants how to take our jobs seriously, but ourselves lightly.

Objectives are also designed by the group and may include these goals.


Randy Morgan CSP Innovation InterventionThe biggest threat to nonprofits is not declining membership, meeting attendance or sponsorship. It is not limitations in volunteers, time or money, but a shortage of “Creative Democracy”.

According to Plato the process of being “ruled by a group” is a democracy.  In reality most nonprofits are run by an oligarchy dominated by a few individuals who, through position, politics or personal power, drive discussion and define direction.  We need systems that include everyone, encourage exploration and inspire innovation.

Would you like to help your board (or any group) think more effectively, more creatively, more thoroughly and more democratically?


Peer Powered Performance™Peer Powered Performance™ is a practical system for engaging energy, creativity and resilience from every level of the organization.

It is a process that brings out the best in value-adding team members while simultaneously disempowering those who, in the absence of transparent accountability, are allowed to bully and manipulate draining invaluable energy and resources.

Using a collaborative tool we provide weekly articlesvideo clips, audio podcasts and insightful illustrations.  

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Peer Power Nonprofits road signPeer Power NonProfit Solutions has been responsible for planning and directing dozens of large successful events in seventeen U.S. states, Canada and Europe, serving members from over forty nations in total.

Our experienced team provides complete administrative services, consulting and event management for nonprofits who take governance seriously.

Our professional services team has grown client memberships 250% in a single year while receiving “A” ratings in eight consecutive audits.

Through relentless investments in training and technology, we provide the most cost-effective and sustainable member services available.   Peer Power NonProfit Solutions

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