Video Preview and Peer Power Review

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This is a compilation of five different presentations and audiences. The style is always humorous because that is the most effective way to offset the fear that keeps both people and organizations from moving forward. These charismatic keynotes are typically used to open or close a conference or training. They change the chemistry of “can’t” to the creativity of “Can”. For some they will be just the right message at just the right time to create sustainable transformation.  The Affective Influence* can change the entire tone of a conference but the benefits will last only as long as the conversations continue.

There are two ways to enjoy these “Inoculations of Inspiration”. If you want to confine my influence to the platform I am happy to the follow the pay for play format. Your investment will typically be less than $5,000 and I will, as I have always been, the highlight of your event.

You can also choose the Free Keynote option that is part of Peer Powered Performance™.

Why spend a lifetime mastering the art of influence only to give it away for free?

It is magical to bring an audience together in common experience, energized and enlightened, applauding and appreciative but the applause fades and life altering ideas are eventually overwhelmed by the forces of futility and we simply forget. Conversations crumble, decisions decay. We are re-infected with irrelevant irritations that undermined our unawareness and un-do our happiness.

 The solutions are:

  • Simple but not easy
  • Energizing but not automatic
  • Appealing and uncomfortable
  • Revealing and regrettable
  • Unpopular because they are not instantaneous

Most of all these solutions explore the truth, and the truth will set you free but freedom takes time, repetition, intention, honesty, vulnerability and community. We need time, teams, trials and tribulation to travel of the path of lasting transformation.  If change were easy everybody would be amazing, and we are, it is just buried under layers and layers of posing, politics, pretending and performing all to be something different that we already are.

So the deal is this. Keynotes are free as part of a Peer Powered Performance™ Package because they are merely an invitation to transformation. The real work happens before and after in every day we try and fail. It is not what we do that makes us better but who we become. That is the only thing that cannot be taken away. What is paid for is the coaching, conversation and illustration that accompanies the education. Each month the group, association, or team receives a targeted set of articles and illustrations designed to support lessons learned and encourage conversations.

The fee depends on the group’s size, systems and support.  Join the conversation in our Peer Powered Performance™ LinkedIn group to view updates and Peer insights.

Whether you are ready or not the lessons will not soon be forgot.

*Affective is not a typo it is the hypo for humanity.   The Affect of our messages carries far more weight than the effect of the most carefully crafted content.  We are not thinking beings that have feelings, We are feeling beings that have thoughts.  The feeling part of our brains has had a several million year head start on our anemic intellect.  Every interaction has an emotional impact.  Are yours uplifting or depressing?

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