Red “Chucks”

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Red Chucks

For the past 15+ years my trademark has been my Red High-Top “Chucks”.    These are not intended as a fashion statement but provide unforgettable anchors for retention.  They are intended first to break down fear, which is the greatest obstacle to any kind of learning.  Second they are a mnemonic device to facilitate retention and generate conversation. Powered by Passion

Seven key points for propelling the ideas shared into action.

1. GET IN THE GAME:  It is easy to sit on the sidelines and have “permanent potential” or to be perpetually critical.  The clock is ticking; play while you have the chance.

2. ADAPT TO CHANGING DIRECTIONS:  My Red “Chucks” are high-tops providing support for changing times and hazardous terrain. We must consistently find new ways of doing things, change directions to meet new demands and pick ourselves up at least one more time than we fall down.

3. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED:  Sixteen individual “I’s” (eyelets) are all pulled together by a single purpose (lace) bound together in common purpose.

4. KEEP IT SIMPLE:  I selected Converse All Stars (long before they were popular..again) because they are virtually the same as they were when they were made more than 80 years ago.  Reticence to change is often bound in the belief that our challenges are different, special, complicated.  Chuck Taylor’s remind us that each step is a binary decision.  You do or you don’t, yes or no.

5. WATCH YOUR TONGUE: Don Miguel Ruiz in his remarkable book The Four Agreements reminds us to be “impeccable” with our words.  What we say to ourselves and others is the best predictor of who we will become.

6. DON’T CONFORM:  Jim Hightower said “The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity”.  My shoes are bright red to signify the passion of being yourself.

7. HAVE FUN:  Lastly the shoes are a reminder to have fun in the process.  We are better at everything we do when we enjoy the process.  We are better parents, better spouses, better employees, better people when we take our jobs seriously and ourselves lightly.

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