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Powerful, inspiring and insightful keynotes are irreplaceable.   They set the emotional climate for any conference or training transporting people to a place where they remember the greatness that is within each of us.  This experience is not an intellectual recollection of facts but a re-experiencing of truth.

The real benefit of a great keynote or short term training is not the information presented but the conversations started and a common language shared.  The benefits will last as long as the conversations continue.  Keynote events, training and even retreats CAN BE FREE if our clients are as equally committed to creating real change as we are.

We have all been the people we want to be.  Sometimes we simply forget. 


I am not a technical trainer.  There are many wonderful print and online training resources available for straight forward “how-to-do” training.  My training is designed to help individuals and organizations rediscover WHY.  Failures in leadership and service are seldom due to a lack “knowing how” but one of “remembering why”. I use humor, story and “Red Shoe Bee Characters” to create powerful, positive, loving and entertaining stories to energize and inspire.  Using the revealing “Lens of Laughter” I remove malignant misperceptions creating a place for healthy insights to grow.


Experiential events are an effective way to reinforce relationships within a team and to practice skills in a non-threatening environment. Skill sets typically include Listening, Planning, Full Participation, Mutual Support, Cooperation, Communication, Roles, Goals and Dialoging.    Events use the “Power of Play” to break down barriers, erase differences and rebuild relationships. Activities remind participants how to take our jobs seriously, but ourselves lightly.


Red Shoe Consulting Services are designed to create a systemic approach to engaging employees in a continuous process of collaborative innovation.

Key components include:

  1. Assessing your current culture

  2. Earning trust through transparency

  3. Identifying your REAL starting point

  4. Encouraging leaders to turn their org charts upside down

  5. Designing a “Value Adding” employee centricity

  6. Disempowering “Zom-Bees”, “Catstrophizers” and Terrorizers

  7. Creating a systemic approach to innovation through experimentation

  8. Using Free Facebook style tools for channeling collaboration and exalting education.

  9. Overcoming the “not by job” inertia

  10. Defeating the “Yes Buts” of perpetual procrastination

All while fostering a community energized by the power of productive play

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Contact Red Shoe Solutions

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