Leaders are Teachers a Montana Mindset

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The behavior change I would like to encourage in others is not action, but awareness. We live in a culture so caught up in “doing” the next thing we have forgotten why we are doing anything. We jump from this to that and something else trying to get reconnected to something lost. This is one of the many reasons people are attracted to Montana. They are tired of lives that still make money, but no longer make sense. Without realizing why they KNOW this is a place that will help them remember.

For this experience to “come true” for our guests it must first “be true” for our employees. We have to realize that the most important role for all of us regardless of age, experience or authority is that of teacher. We are all teachers all the time and we teach by everything we do. The most important lesson of all is to help people believe in themselves. This is something we all KNEW as children before we were, as Don Miguel Ruiz described in his book The Four Agreements, “domesticated”.   You don’t have to teach babies to believe, that despite all evidence to the contrary, they can walk. They have not forgotten the greatness that is within all of us. The leadership your employees want and the experience you guests have come for is the same. They all want to be reminded “why am I here”.   Why am I exchanging part of my life to be here with you? The answer is because we will bring out the best in each by looking for the best that is in them. That is the greatest gift you can give and when you give it to others you receive the same.

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