Undisturbable: The Heart of Authentic Performance

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“There is nothing so empowering, so liberating, so energizing as to be ones self.”

There is also nothing so wasteful, no cause of human misery so universal or so pervasive as the feeling of being trapped. We live in a culture where unfulfilling jobs and unsatisfying relationships are the norm. The insidious drain of dull dissatisfaction has left the masses unengaged, unmotivated and uninspired. Research by the Gallup Organization and Franklin-Covey estimate that just 29% of employees feel engaged in their work and only 22% are actually enthusiastic.

Undisturbable™ is a keynote to full day training session designed to break the  bonds of limiting beliefs that undermine careers, toxify relationships and poison perspectives. We live in the greatest country in the world with opportunities and freedoms unheard of yet 74.6% of anddepressants sold worldwide are sold in the US.   This is not a crisis of our times or inevitable result of our harried environment but an absence of understanding.

Undisturbable™ is not about changing. jobs, locations, bosses, coworkers, spouses or anything outside of ourselves. Nor is it giving up intellect for some fog-induced euphoria of ignorant bliss. It is about using the neuroscience of cognition to become what Dr. Albert Ellis calls, “remarkably less disturbable”.

Undisturbable™ is fun, humorous and entertaining. but these are only tools to gently open minds to the opportunity for freedom. To be more inspired by possibilities than we are comforted by predictability. Imagine what it would be like to have the energy, curiosity,enthusiasm, and unflappability of a child. In our youth these were the gifts of innocence now they must become the skills of experience.

Undisturbable™ is about the most important work we will ever do, it is about rediscovering “Our Own Way”. We never want to be a better version of someone else, but the best version of ourselves. True education is not learning what to think, but how to think. I use specific real life examples, not to encourage the replication of behaviors, but to demonstrate the underlying belief systems that drive the behaviors. Most training fails because they are designed change actions without first trying to change insights. We are upset only to the extent we are confused, we are angry only to the extent we do not understand. Once we change what we “see … changing what we do is easy.

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