Training: How Vs. Why

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Topic Samples: Leading with Laughter, Creating a Culture of Innovation, Astonishing Service

I am not a technical trainer.  There are many wonderful print and online training resources available for straight forward “how-to-do” training.  My training is designed to help individuals and organizations rediscover WHY.  Failures in leadership and service are seldom due to a lack “knowing how” but one of “remembering why”.

Change your story, Change your lifeThis is not a process of adding yet another “To Do” onto an already “too long” list, but a process of undoing illusions.  This is the very reason I use humor, story and “Red Shoe Bee Characters”.  People are incredibly protective of even the most dysfunctional stories.  Stories give the world a sense of consistency, predictability and comfort.  Stories can also keep us trapped.

Organizational stories create our cultures and through personal stories we derive our self images.  Both are incredibly powerful and both are works of fiction.  Powerful, positive, loving and entertaining stories energize and inspire while negative, limiting, judgmental and fearful stories damage organizations, destroy marriages, and undermine performance. Changing these stories is like a delicate surgery, using the “Lens of Laughter” I remove malignant misperceptions creating a place for healthy insights to grow.

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