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Energized by Inclusion

March 1, 2016 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive Deviance  No comments

Judge Hammer

Old school leaders aspire to the belief that
“he who holds the knowledge, holds the power

  The new paradigm is he who holds the knowledge,
and doesn’t share it, is probably guilty.

blank scoreboardWe would never consider a sporting event without goals, displaying confusing scoreboards or faceless time clocks.  Instead feedback is immediate, concise, compelling, and consistently understood by everyone both in the game and on the sidelines.

goal posts In contrast, many work environments are inundated with ambigui...

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Successful change is not the result of profound intention but sustained attention.

February 26, 2016 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive DevianceSpirit at WorkTopics  One comment

Shon Watkins

Shon Watkins is our “Chief Imaginator” his responsibility is to convert complex ideas into irresistible illustrations.

We have all experienced the life-changing energy of learning something that we absolutely know will change our culture forever, only to have the message fade away drowned out by too much to do and too little time.

The solution is to create a system that is:

1. Quick

word blackboard

2. Easy

3. Instantly recognizable

4. Universally understandable

5. Consistently renewing


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Astonishing Service™

February 25, 2015 Affective LeadershipAssociation InsightsCustomer ServiceEmotional IntelligenceKeynote Keys  No comments

Not Listening

Does it seem like service providers are just not listening?

Nobody wants to sit through another Service 101 session of “Smile Training”. Basics are appropriate for those new to the workforce, but they usually are not the problem.

The greatest service challenges are not from those few new, who don’t know how, but the vast majority who have forgotten why.

It is a problem not of heads, but of hearts. What’s needed is not a new way of doing, but a renewed reason for doing.

Astonishing Servic...

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HR: Humane Resources

May 27, 2014 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePeer Powered PerformancePositive Deviance

Hierarchical designs created before color television

Twenty years ago after creating the new employee “Service Camp” for the Coeur d’Alene Resort I was given the opportunity to move from operations to HR.  I loved the possibilities but hated the realities.  Too much time limiting liabilities and very little investment in growing resources.  (Oh, and I also hated the little office in the back hall.)   In the nearly two decades since, I find that for many (not all), little has changed.

There are still far too many resources devoted to protecti...

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On-Target On-boarding

May 11, 2014 Affective LeadershipEmotional IntelligenceGreen SolutionsPeer Powered PerformanceTraining

Governance vs management

I originally wrote this for training seasonal employees but I also believe it applies to any nonprofit attempting to on-board a new board member, volunteer or staff.  I would now use a digital flash system but the purpose and approach is the same.  First it is important to know for a fact that those who say they understand governance also believe they fully comprehend quantum physics.  They may really know their stuff but it is better to test first and rather than regret later.  

One of the...

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